Why tourists love Port Elizabeth’s atmosphere

Posted on Thu September 13, 2018.

The city of Port Elizabeth has always lost the battle when compared to bigger, better-known cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg. But over the past few years, “The Friendly City”, or Nelson Mandela Bay as the metro is known, has seen great development and has established a new-found “vibe” that has brought a buffet of food and social culture to the port city

For the love of food

Port Elizabeth’s foodie scene has moved way beyond the fast-food franchises that are found all around South Africa. There are now dining destinations dotted across the city – bursting with restaurants, bistros and cafés that cater to every taste. From the trendy outdoor dining on the streets of Richmond Hill to the food markets and craft breweries in Baakens Valley, Port Elizabeth is making a name for itself and bringing all kinds of people together through global and authentically South African cuisine.

Electric energy and entertainment

Port Elizabeth might not be filled with huge nightclubs, but there is always something happening that will make you dance to the beat. At night, a number of restaurants transform into bars and nightclubs along the beachfront. If that is not your kind of vibe, there are regular artisanal and night markets filled with food and craft stalls and an added element of live music that are sure to keep you entertained.

Port Elizabeth’s great convenience culture

One amazing thing that Port Elizabeth has, compared to all the other major cities, is convenience. Traffic is never a problem, and it takes you 30 minutes at most to get from one side of the city to the other. This makes touring and experiencing the city so much more laid back, cheaper, and convenient – everything you need for a relaxed holiday vibe. Also, the moderate weather all year round makes Port Elizabeth one of the best tourist destinations in Southern Africa.

Coming soon – a big first AND the Big 7

Close encounters of the wild kind are sure to get you excited about putting Port Elizabeth on your travel itinerary. In 2019, Port Elizabeth will be the first destination in Southern Africa where you can experience Africa’s Big 7 ( that’s the land-based Big 5 plus the Southern Right Whale and Great White Shark)! With whale watching and shark-cage diving to come – there is nothing that you won’t be able to experience in “The Friendly City”.