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An average in day the 'Friendly city'

Posted by Lungile Backpackers Lodge on Mon July 13, 2015 in Travel Tips and Advice.

Ahoy and welcome travelers/backpackers, globe trotters, culture enthusiasts or anybody living in the Eastern Cape looking for a few action packed days away. Look no further than Port Elizabeth, AKA… P.E, 'The Friendly City' or 'The Windy City' as most would know it. A truth speaks about one nickname but not so much about the other, P.E is a brilliant example of diversity, equality and economic growth in a modern South African City which is in its own right, stooped in history.
During the years of Apartheid this city and in particular the 'New Brighton' township was a key location for the ANC Freedom Fighters to meet under the radar to discuss numerous ways to bring an end to the regime and find a light to shine over a new South Africa for all of its people.To deliver freedom and democracy before the inevitable outbreak of a civil war. Believe it or not, P.E even up till the early 70's was a very mixed and harmonious place or all of its people from all ethnicities and backgrounds - only in the last 15 years of apartheid did sections of the city have its own separated areas. Whether you walk the streets day or night you will quickly realize why Port Elizabeth has been named the ‘Friendly City’.

Port Elizabeth is situated perfectly with award winning Game Reserves and National Parks that are easily accessible from the city center. Adrenaline junkies, beach bums, wildlife enthusiasts, party people and the like Port Elizabeth has something to suite every desire!

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Top 5 Adventures offered by Lungile Backpackers Lodge

Posted by Lungile Backpackers Lodge on Mon July 13, 2015 in Activities and Attractions.

Lungile means “all ’s good” in our native language (isiXhosa). So, come shack-up with us for your stay in the friendly city and let’s create your adventure! With good vibes, great people and tons of adventures filled activities, there is no time for dull moments at Lungile Lodge!

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